When was your last eye exam?

Even if you feel you have good vision, regular eye exams are important to keep your eyes healthy. Many eye conditions can be detected on a comprehensive eye exam before they result in any symptoms. These conditions might be:

  • Glaucoma – this is increased pressure inside the eye, which can cause loss of side vision (or "peripheral vision").
  • Diabetes – this is when the body has difficulty trying to process sugar and other things in your system; eye doctors can help detect diabetes very early in many cases.
  • Macular Degeneration – this is when there are changes in the back of the eye, the retina and the macula, that can result in the loss of central vision.
  • Cataracts – this is clouding of the lens in the eye, which can blur vision and make night-time driving difficult.
  • Digital Eye Strain – we all love our phones, tablets, or other mobile devices; but there is a collection of conditions that result from prolonged use of these devices, and your computer or other digital screen.

Early detection can result in better overall treatment and often much lower healthcare costs, especially for Diabetes, Macular Degeneration or Glaucoma. The practice of Dr. Herbert J. Bell has been a member of the community it serves for over 80 years. Dr. Susan Bell continues her family's service with a practice that provides the full spectrum of eye care, from glasses to contact lenses to medical management of eye diseases and co-management of systemic diseases like diabetes that can affect your eyes. Call 609 883 4407 today to schedule an eye exam for you and your family! 

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