What you can do to help your child's visual development

These are really great actions that you can take to help your child's vision and eye health over time, and as they develop.

  1. Obtain proper prenatal care and nutrition.
  2. Change crib position frequently to allow baby to respond to light from different directions.
  3. Do not force children to walk too early – crawling is important in visual development.
  4. Provide a quiet, comfortable and well lighted place for study and homework.
  5. Do not allow children to watch TV in a totally dark room or while sitting too close to the TV screen.
  6. Do not allow hours and hours of computer and/or digital device viewing – this can lead to eye damage and is accumulative over time.
  7. Provide protective sports and/or safety eye wear – Contact Lenses may also be an option for children.
  8. Do not ignore the signs of a vision problem – the earlier the diagnosis, the more effective the treatment.

It is recommended that a child's first eye health and vision examination is to be no later than the age of 3. Children with any signs of eye problems should be examined immediately, regardless of age.

Millions of children in the U.S. have undetected vision problems which may interfere with their learning development. By the time children finish elementary school, their visual system has virtually completed its development, thus, early examination is essential.

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