Our Aging Eyes - What to Expect

Around the age of 40 you may experience increasing difficulty to focus on near objects or written material such as, reading a menu, threading a needle, reading fine print. This common condition is called Presbyopia. As we age, our eye muscles and crystalline lens of the eye become less able to flex as well as previously thus leading to this inability to focus at near.

A classic sign of Presbyopia is having to move reading material out to arm's length to bring the print into somewhat better focus.

There are options for correcting presbyopia such as prescription reading eyeglasses, bifocal lenses, trifocal lenses or progressive lenses. Contact Lens options may also be available for aiding Presbyopia.

Lens protection technology is another option for computer use, sunlight and glare from oncoming vehicle headlights. This lens technology aids in protecting and relieving the eyes from harmful light, eyestrain, headaches and other damaging effects.

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