Contact Lens Wearing Guide

For the complete document, including the special instructions and things to keep in mind (found below), see this online document.

Because contacts are not for everyone and because contacts require focused care and discipline to protect your eyes and keep them healthy, we have put together this list of key instructions and things to keep in mind for contact lens care.

  • Your doctor will provide you with instructions for continued contact lens care; make sure to following those instructions closely.

  • Always clean and disinfect your contact lenses (clean them daily) as instructed. This reduces your risk of bacteria harming your eye.

  • Contact lens cases are sometimes forgotten or neglected. Don't be that person! Clean them thoroughly and frequently and change your contact lens cases every 3 months.

  • Because the solution that you use in your contact lens case sits for a while and does its best to clean your contacts, do not re-use the same solution twice.

  • Do not wear your contact lenses while sleeping (unless approved by your doctor).

  • Use only the contact lens solutions that your doctor recommends. Many of these solutions are balanced to your tears and optimized for your comfort, so using others or ones that were not recommended increases your risk of discomfort, irritation, redness, and other painful consequences.

If a problem occurs (such as blurred vision, red eyes, or discomfort) and persists, remove your contact lenses immediately and call our office (609-883-4407).

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