Contact Lens Do's and Don't's

Things to Do

  • Always thoroughly wash (to remove bacteria) and thoroughly rinse (to remove oils, soaps, etc) your hands before handling lenses
  • Avoid the use of soaps that contain perfumes, cold cream lotion, or oily cosmetics before handling your lenses as these substances may leave a residue on your hands and lenses that will interfere with the successful wearing of the lenses
  • Clean your lenses daily to avoid buildup of deposits and films
  • Always use fresh solution on the storage case each night
  • Wear safety eyewear while participating in sports and other "impact" activities to avoid serious trauma to the eye
  • Apply all cosmetics after putting the contact lens(es) on your eye
  • Always handle your lenses gently and avoid contact with your fingernails (you do not want lenses to rip, which might harm or irritate your eye)
  • Understand that if you sleep in daily wear or extended wear contact lenses then you greatly increase your risk of corneal ulcers

Always follow your doctor's instructions and call the office with any questions.

Things you should not do

  • Don't wear your lenses if they suddenly become uncomfortable (this could mean something like sand has gotten in or under them)
  • Don't wear your lenses if you notice a chip or tear in the lens
  • Don't wear a soft lens that was left out of solution and has become dried and brittle
  • Don't put eye drops such as Murine or Visine in your eyes while wearing contacts
  • Don't apply eyeliner above the lower lash line. You will block glands that produce the tear film and blocking those glands may make lens wear less comfortable
  • Don't allow hairspray to come into contact with your lenses
  • Never use tap water on soft contacts. Use only preserved saline or disinfecting solution
  • Don't put your lenses in your mouth
  • Don't wear your lenses in the shower or while swimming

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